What to do over the holidays if you’re looking for work

The holiday season is soon upon us. Some may have already started disappearing into out of office messages or the “offline” abyss. If you’re supposed to network to get a job, what are you to do during this time? Don’t worry – the holiday season is a great time to get set up for a productive January. Here’s why, and what you can do.

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Networking vs. applying online – which is better?

I recently surveyed 100 people in my network and extended network. I asked them one simple question: How did you get your last job?

These were the choices I gave:

  • from an online posting
  • from someone I know/introduction from someone I know
  • promoted from internship or co-op job
  • headhunter/recruiting agency
  • other

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Read this first

If you’re interested in how to use your network to get a job you might actually like – this blog is for you.

My plan is to take you on along my journey of working with a career coach that ultimately led me to my first job. In total, I worked with a career coach and was employed in 5 months. But, I was working at an internship during part of the time, so I was only unemployed for 2 months. In today’s market, this is extremely short.

I’m going to tell you how I did it, and how you can develop, leverage, grow, and nurture your own network to make this happen for you.

This blog might be particularly useful to: recent graduates, folks planning a job change, people changing job fields, or those interested in career stuff.

If you’re interested in this blog, you might be like me. You’ve realized that the job market today is not “our grandparents job market”. It’s not even our parents. Not even close. We live in a working world today that requires constant entrepreneurship, self-understanding, and self-marketing. This can be daunting to realize and confront. I hope that the tips and tricks I can share in this blog will make a frustrating process a little more bearable, and even fun! (No sarcasm intended).

In my next post, I’m going to tell you about the steps I took to get my first real person job.