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A list of quick insights I hope will be helpful to you. I’ll be expanding on all these topics in individual posts.

  1. LinkedIn IS your friend – use it to identify people in your/others networks you want to meet in person – but don’t spam “connect” with people you don’t know.
  2. If you don’t have a network, you can get one. Just start with ‘warm’ and ‘cold‘ calls.
  3. If you’re cold reaching out to someone – ask them a specific question. “Are you available for a half an hour phone call or coffee in person? is better than, “I’d really like to meet with people in this field”.
  4. Start explaining your experience to EVERYONE like this: Problem/situation, action taken, result achieved. And say “I” not “we” as much as possible. Respect the team, but take some credit too. (the STAR method)
  5. Why should you use your network to get a job? Simply put, it allows you to have more power and flexibility when negotiating your ideal job including salary, benefits, work environment, exceptions, etc.

Check this space as I’ll be adding to this list regularly. 

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